Is the automatic vacuum impregnation machine to be maintained?

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Is the automatic vacuum impregnation machine to be maintained?

Is the automatic vacuum impregnation machine to be maintained?

Our company's Dongguan Huiyue technology automatic vacuum impregnation machine automatic operation process program: put the product - cover - - vacuum 1 - motor rise 1 - soak 1 - motor rise 2 - soak 2 - Exhaust 1 - Motor drop - Vacuum 2 - Drip dry, Exhaust 2 - Complete (alarm) - Open the cover and remove the product. The following is a detailed explanation of the maintenance and precautions of the under-automatic vacuum impregnation machine.

    1. Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machin Confirm that the voltage is normal before starting the machine, and all parts of the equipment are normal.

    2. Since there are many small pores and gaps inside the impregnated object, there will be air medium. In order to make the product stable, accurate, noise-free, uniform and smooth, and completely sealed, it must be filled with liquid substance (insulating oil). These pores and gaps, therefore, the air in these gaps is extracted and a high degree of vacuum is ensured to allow the insulating oil to enter smoothly to ensure the impregnation quality of the product.

    3. The oil must be checked daily. When the pump is running, the oil level should not be lower than 1/2 of the oil mirror. If it is lower than the 1/2 mark of the oil mirror, it should be refueled to about 2/3 of the oil mirror.

    4. The new pump must be changed oil when it is working 100H. The oil change should be based on the working conditions. Change oil every 100-150 working hours. If the working time is less than 500H, change the oil at least half a year. If there is pollution, it will change oil more frequently. When changing the oil, the pump must be stopped and the air inlet should be open to the atmosphere. In addition, the pump body should be hot. Drain the oil from the drain plug. When the oil stops flowing, turn on the drain plug and start the vacuum pump again for a few seconds. Then unscrew the drain plug to drain the remaining oil. Tighten the drain plug and inject new oil from the filler port (waste oil should be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations)

    5. Lubricating oil for vacuum pump should meet the requirements of DIN51506VC. This machine uses CG68-100 special vacuum pump oil. The machine's oil injection amount is 0.5L (the random oil content is 1L)

    6. The contaminated screening program will result in an increase in the output power of the motor. When an oil mist occurs at the exhaust port while the pump is operating, the exhaust screening procedure must be reversed. Remove the venting cap and get the venting checker spring and take out the venting screening program. (A new seal should be used when installing a new exhaust screening program)

    7. Regularly check and clean the air intake air filter (replacement per 300H) and the air intake method.

    8. In order to ensure the safe operation of the vacuum pump, the original accessories and accessories should be used. When ordering accessories for spare parts, please inform the model and type of the pump.

   9. Regularly clean the vacuum tank volume to prevent solidification and corrosion of the fluid.

   10. Empty the vacuum tank volume when not in use for a long time to prevent the liquid from solidifying and corroding the sealing components.

   11. Check the fan cover regularly. A contaminated fan casing will reduce the amount of cooling air and cause the vacuum pump to overheat.

    12. Clean the scraping box cover seal and the debris on the sealing surface in time to ensure the sealing performance. When the exhaust valve or the impregnation box cover leaks, it should be inspected before it can be operated.

    13. The vacuum machine should be operated within the ambient temperature range of 5-40Co. When the ambient temperature is high, the oil temperature rises, the viscosity decreases, and the saturated vapor pressure increases, which will cause the ultimate vacuum to decrease. The ventilation and heat dissipation should be strengthened. Poorly lubricated pump cores are prone to wear when the ambient temperature is low.

    14. Vacuum pumps are not suitable for removing gases that are corrosive to metals, chemically reacting to pump oil, gases containing particulate dust, and gases that are too high in oxygen.

    15. Pay attention to the running direction of the vacuum pump motor after turning on the power (in the direction of the arrow. If the direction is not correct, replace any two of the three terminals of the motor).

    16, keep the panel clean, non-professional maintenance personnel do not open the main circuit cover! Do not stack any debris between the motherboard interlayers to prevent leakage and short circuit.

    17. Pay attention to the grounding of the motor and the machine casing to ensure safe use of electricity!

    18, please touch the touch screen, keep it clean at all times, do not use sharp scratches or hard objects to touch. Without the authorization of the company, other people are forbidden to arbitrarily modify or disassemble the internal electronic circuit system (including disassembly and assembly of touch screen, PLC, drive, etc. and various parts of the connection.) Failure damage caused by such abnormal operation is not covered by the warranty. The responsibility for the safety accidents caused by the class and the joint responsibility is your responsibility.

    19. Disclaimer
    19.1 Due to the improper use of the customer, the varnish water will enter the pump body 2 and cause the vacuum pump to malfunction. Our company will not be responsible for free maintenance;
    19.2 The vacuum pump is faulty due to the lack of lubricating oil in the vacuum pump, and it is not covered by insurance. Our company will not be responsible for free maintenance;
    19.3 Daily maintenance and use should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions. If the failure is caused by failure to follow the instructions, it will not be covered by insurance. Our company will not be responsible for free maintenance.

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