Is the second-hand vacuum impregnation machine reliable?

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Is the second-hand vacuum impregnation machine reliable?

Is the second-hand vacuum impregnation machine reliable?

Second-hand vacuum impregnation machine:Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine At present, some manufacturers will choose to purchase second-hand vacuum impregnation machine. When purchasing the second-hand vacuum impregnation machine, the life of the machine must be carefully considered. After all, the second-hand use is used by other manufacturers, the machine will definitely have some damage and If the requirements are not met, of course, there will be special cases that manufacturers can't use, but this factor will be small. The impregnation machine is applied to the transformer immersion insulation paint. The viscosity of the insulation paint is very sticky and corrosive. I believe everyone knows this. The cylinder of the impregnation machine is made of steel plate. When the steel plate is corroded, it will become thicker, so the sealing degree of the rubber will be affected, and the cylinder will become bigger and the vacuum time will be It must be pumped longer. This is not very serious. The most serious thing is that the vacuum is long, the pressure on the motor will increase, and the motor will collapse.

  Hand vacuum impregnation machine: adopts stepper motor drive precision ball screw with moving slot lifting type impregnation, preset lifting height; preset lifting height (maximum stroke of sub-slot 60mm; displacement accuracy ±0.05mm): screw lift The force is high, the control precision is high, the PIN will not stick to the varnish, and there is no need for secondary tin plating. PLC controller control, can be preset a variety of impregnation mode, with timely, appropriate elimination of bubble function; the groove is made entirely of 10MM steel plate. Double glass observation window for viewing immersion at any time

Our company is fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine: automatic switch box cover, secondary automatic vacuuming, saving time and effort, environmental protection, energy saving, single-person multi-machine operation.

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