Vacuum impregnation machine impregnating paint viscosity index

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Vacuum impregnation machine impregnating paint viscosity index

Vacuum impregnation machine impregnating paint viscosity index

Ourautomatic vacuum impregnation machine is a screw lifter with highbearing capacity and high control precision. The PIN will not stick tothe varnish, and no secondary tin plating is required. So what is vacuum impregnation machine  the viscosity index requirement for the impregnating varnish? Let's talk about it with Huiyue Xiaobian.

Viscosity is an important technical indicator of impregnating varnish.
Degree, 25 ± 1 ° C, 25-45 seconds or 30-60 seconds. However,the viscosity index of the impregnating varnish and the viscosity ofthe varnish in the electronic transformer dipping process are not thesame. According to thedifferent electronic transformer products, the requirements for theviscosity of the dip coating are not the same. For products with tight structure requirements and good permeability, the viscosity of the immersion paint is better.

Theviscosity of the enamel paint is a coating-4 viscometer, 25±1°C, about20 seconds. Some products only need about 15 seconds. The viscosity isadjusted by special thinner. Forproducts that pay attention to the amount of paint, the viscosity ofthe dip paint is better. The viscosity of the dip-like paint is acoating-4 viscometer, 25±1°C, 40-60 seconds. Some manufacturers even use80. - 120 seconds of paint to dip paint. In order to increase the amount of paint, it is also solved by the method of secondary dipping.

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