Vacuum impregnation machine vacuum pump maintenance and precautions

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Vacuum impregnation machine vacuum pump maintenance and precautions

Vacuum impregnation machine vacuum pump maintenance and precautions

Thevacuum impregnation machine should be regularly maintained and cleanedduring use, so that the vacuum impregnation machine can be used for along time without causing failure. How to maintain the vacuumimpregnation vacuum pump? What should you pay attention to? Let's talk about it with Huiyue Xiaobian.

1. The new pump must be changed oil when it is working 100H. The oil change should be based on the working conditions. Change oil every 100-150 working hours. If the working time is less than 500H, change the oil at least half a year. If there is pollution, it will change oil more frequently. Whenchanging the oil, the pump must be stopped and the air inlet should beopen to the atmosphere. In addition, the pump body should be hot. Drainthe oil from the drain plug. When the oil stops flowing, turn on thedrain plug and start the vacuum pump again for a few seconds. Thenunscrew the drain plug to drain the remaining oil. Tighten the drain plug and inject new oil from the filler port (wasteoil should be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations)

2. The lubricating oil for vacuum pump should meet the requirements of DIN51506VC. This machine uses CG68-100 special vacuum pump oil. The machine's oil injection amount is 0.5L (the random oil content is 1L)

3. The contaminated screening program will result in an increase in the output power of the motor. When an oil mist occurs at the exhaust port while the pump is operating, the exhaust screening procedure must be reversed. Remove the venting cap and get the venting checker spring and take out the venting screening program. (A new seal should be used when installing a new exhaust screening program)

4. In order to ensure the safe operation of the vacuum pump, the original accessories and accessories should be used. When ordering accessories for spare parts, please inform the model and type of the pump.

5. Vacuum pumps are not suitable for removing gases that are corrosiveto metals, chemically reacting to pump oil, gases containingparticulate dust, and gases that are too high in oxygen.

6.Pay attention to the running direction of the vacuum pump motor afterturning on the power (in the direction of the arrow, if vacuum impregnation machine the direction isnot correct, replace any two of the three terminals of the motor).

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