Infrared tunnel furnace main conveyor line configuration introduction

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Infrared tunnel furnace main conveyor line configuration introduction

Infrared tunnel furnace main conveyor line configuration introduction

Our infrared tunnelfurnace is specially used for baking high frequency, low frequency,transformer and hardware plastic products. Fully automatictemperature control, saving 2-5 times than traditional vertical oven,saving more than 30%, and high working efficiency. The following is the configuration of the main transmission line of the infrared tunnel furnace by Li S.

Main conveyor line body part: 壹

Transformer automatic through insulation
Specifications: W1040 × H750 × L5000mm;

Power system: 1 set of 1HP motor and 1:1200 type reducer;

Control: Use the Eddy-1HP inverter, the speed is adjustable from 0.3-1 m/min;

Conveyor chain: use P=25.4mm double pitch carbon steel medium hole conveyor chain 2 side synchronous installation;

Wear rod: 152.4MM installation purlin diameter 8MM stainless steel string rod;

Conveyor belt: use T1.5mm*10*15 stainless steel mesh, net bandwidth 800mm

Furnace outer fuselage frame: use 50*50mm iron square pipe bilateral length arrangement;

The bracket uses 50*50 limit 14mm adjustable foot cup, 2000mm/4;

Conveyingtrack: 40*40# national standard angle steel track is used in thefurnace, and the lower layer is at the bottom of the furnace.

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