Fully automatic impregnation machine product name setting

2018-11-27 10:29:29 HUIYUECN 0

Fully automatic impregnation machine product name setting

Fully automatic impregnation machine product name setting

Dongguan Huiyue automaticimpregnation machine is an automatic switch box cover, which isautomatically vacuumed twice, saving time and effort, environmentalprotection and energy saving, and Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine can realize single and multi-machineoperation. Only the automatic impregnation machineis to input the product parameters into the controller for storage, andit can be recycled. Today, Huiyue Xiaobian introduces you to the nameof the automatic impregnation machine.

    You can enter Chinese (Pinyin input method), English and numbers. As a description of the current parameter set, it is convenient for the user to replace the produced product. Afterrepeatedly pressing the upper left corner of the pop-up keyboard,<中>, <A>, <a> will be displayed in sequence, that is,Chinese Pinyin, English Uppercase, and English Lowercase Input.

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