IR infrared tunnel oven advantage manufacturers

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IR infrared tunnel oven advantage manufacturers

IR infrared tunnel oven advantage manufacturers

Our companyHuiyue Technology specializes in the production of infrared ovens andtunnel furnaces. It is suitable for baking of transformers, inductorsand other products. It replaces traditional ovens and hot aircirculation ovens. Our company has the biggest advantages of infraredovens:

1. The baked product is heated inside andoutside at the same time, the temperature difference between inside andoutside is small, no deformation, no discoloration, and stable quality;
2.Transformer Automatic Taping Machine Fast baking speed and high efficiency, saving about 6-10 times of timeand greatly shortening the production and shipping cycle;
3. Local heating, less energy waste, saving more than 30%;
4.Due to the large amount of energy transmission per unit area, thevolume is small, the space of the venue is saved, and the constructioncost is saved;
5. It can be used in connection with the production line, synchronous control, reducing defects;
6. The temperature can be controlled in stages, which can adapt to the product demand and has high elasticity;
7. Control the air suction device, less solvent residue, no danger, explosion-proof, environmental protection;
8.The external temperature of the casing is close to the ambienttemperature, the working environment is comfortable, and energy waste isreduced;
9. The product is in advance, no need to stand after baking, shorten working hours and reduce pollution;

10. Adopting stepless constant temperature control system, the product quality is stable.

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