Huiyue automatic rubberizing machine operating principle

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Huiyue automatic rubberizing machine operating principle

Huiyue automatic rubberizing machine operating principle

The mechanical movementprocess of our Dongguan Huiyue technology automatic rubber laminatingmachine: feeding--confirm--shift---cutting---rolling--returningmaterials. Below is a summary of Huiyue Xiaobian and everyone to explain the operation of the Huiyue automatic rubberizing machine.

Theautomatic rubberizing machine adopts the double-axis type wrappingtape. The axial distance of the tape can be adjusted according to actualneeds. It is alternately used by the disc with two material fixtures.There are two deceleration bayonets on the inside of the disc. Drivenby the motor, the position of the adhesive tape can be fine-tuned, anddifferent products can be used only with the material fixture andappropriate adjustment.

The materialfixture of the automatic rubberizing machine drives vacuum impregnation machine  the tape by thewinding motor, and the winding motor is equipped with a small disc with adeceleration count. The cutting motor drives the cutting knife, and thecutting motor rotates around the cutting knife. Posts.

Thereis a pedal button under the automatic rubber-clad machine. When theworker puts the material, the pedal button is used to complete the tapeoperation.

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