Huiyue explains the main factors and misunderstandings of industrial oven power consumption

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Huiyue explains the main factors and misunderstandings of industrial oven power consumption

Huiyue explains the main factors and misunderstandings of industrial oven power consumption

Theuse of industrial ovens by electronic manufacturers is very expensive.At present, they use infrared tunnel furnaces for baking. Our HY-K02infrared tunnel furnace uses domestic new thermal insulation materials,strong thermal insulation, and vacuum gold-plated infrared enhancementfilm on the outer surface. It has good temperature resistance and can work continuously for more than 6,000 hours. Reducer: 1200:1 reducer 壹 set, speed control mode: frequency control, precise speed.

Becausethe principle of the oven is simple, the technical content is low, andthe price is fierce, the general oven generally has the problems of lowefficiency and large power loss. The main reason is that the heatingefficiency is low, the heat preservation performance is poor, and thecontrol circuit is not designed according to the specific productionprocess. Directly causing heat loss and other shortcomings. The need for energysaving, especially in the production of ovens, due to the 365 days ofwork, electricity has become the main production cost, companies have toconsider the use of energy-saving ovens.

Industrial oven misunderstanding:
1. The lower the total heating power, the more power is saved. Obviously, if the heating power is too low and the heating time isprolonged, not only can the electricity not be saved, but the productiontime is increased, resulting in a low production time per unit time andan increase in other costs.

2. The greater the heating power, Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine the faster the heating and the more power saving. Obviously,the heating power is too large, the heating is too fast, the localtemperature difference is large, the loss is larger, and the power isnot saved. The proper heating power is the most energy-saving. Anysystem has maximum and minimum values. We can design different types ofheating control systems according to the customer's production processconditions to ensure maximum power usage efficiency to save power.

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