Purchase Dongguan Huiyue automatic casing machine instructions

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Purchase Dongguan Huiyue automatic casing machine instructions

Purchase Dongguan Huiyue automatic casing machine instructions

1. The rated voltage of the automatic casing machine is 220+-5%, 50HZ10A. If the problem is caused by the power failure, it is not covered bythe warranty.

2. The rated origin of the automatic boring machine is introduced intothe air pressure: it must be in the range of 0.5-1MP, otherwise thepneumatic components will not work normally.

3. The environment humidity of the automatic boring machine is notmore than 70%. If it is higher than this value, it is not suitable forsafe use.

4, the use of automatic casing machine temperature: +50 degreesCelsius to 0 degrees Celsius, below 0 degrees Celsius will cause asafety accident due to frost.

5. All operators must go through the induction training courses andinternships. The company is not responsible for the liability accidentsthat have not been issued by the on-the-job training personnel.

6.Automatic boring machine maintenance safety instructions: Since thismachine is a precision equipment, the damage caused by man-made duringmaintenance and maintenance will affect the accuracy of the transmissionand movement of the equipment, except for the authorized maintenance ofDongguan Huiyue Technology Training. Outside the engineer, other personnel are strictly prohibited from using the tools of 3.6.1 for daily maintenance.

(1) automatic through insulation casing machine Sandpaper, blades, rust-proof oil, sharp needles and articles that can scratch non-blade metal.

(2) Daily maintenance It is recommended to use a plastic needle or arounded guide pin with a rounded corner of R0.3 or above to clean up theleftover waste.

(3)This machine belongs to a patented product and may not resell thecompany's peers. Otherwise, the company may have the right to pursue thejoint legal responsibility of the reseller and the reseller.

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