High-frequency transformer automatic soldering machine operation step setting instructions

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High-frequency transformer automatic soldering machine operation step setting instructions

High-frequency transformer automatic soldering machine operation step setting instructions

OurDongguan Huiyue technology automatic soldering machine does not needhuman hand. The whole process is machine operation, instead of manual,including automatic feeding, automatic rosin, automatic soldering,automatic material return, optional simultaneous soldering, or 360 Degree flip function, the capacity is 66000-69000PCS per day. Today, Huiyue Xiaobian introduces you to the operation steps of the automatic soldering machine.

1. Turn on the power and set the power switch of the soldering machine to the "ON" state;

2. How to set the temperature:
(1): (Press ““” to set the temperature rise, press “”” to set thetemperature drop, SV column to display the set temperature, PV column todisplay the measured temperature (applicable to ETS-2E, ETS-2MT);

(2):Press SET button first, the SV column shows the temperature flashing,use △ up to add the number, ▽ down to the number minus. <Select one, ten, and digit keys. (Applicable to WD-6202, WD-6203A, YCH-2A, YCH-2R, QF-360A, QF-360B);

3. When the tin pot heats the solder to the molten state, open the gasvalve and check if the air pressure is greater than O.4Mpa, which isgreater than O.4Mpa, otherwise notify the maintenance worker and theteam leader in time;

4.The soldering machine shows that the temperature is the temperaturemeasured by the temperature sensing head in the tin furnace, which isdifferent from the actual soldering temperature. The temperaturemeasured by the temperature measuring tool shall prevail, and thetinning temperature must meet the corresponding requirements in the“Tinning Process Specification”. .

5. The tin surface of the tin pot must be level. When the tin surface is not flat, production must be stopped and the maintenance worker notified;

6.Transformer Angular Soldering Machine Program setting: According to the product immersion tin processrequirements, determine the number of program segments and the number ofsegments;
(1) Press [Start Step] → enter the starting number → press [Enter],
(2) Press [End Step] → enter the number of end segments → [input],
(3) Press [Step Setting] → press [Enter],
(4)Setting the soldering machine program: First reset, use the stepsetting and input keys to select the pre-hotspot, solder point, solderdetachment, preheating time, soldering time, preheating speed, solderingspeed, angle, and drawing ( The lighting is effective), the welding cup (lighting is effective) and other parameters. The specific digital setting method is as if the soldering point is35.5mm, press 3 → press 5 → press 5 → press 0 → press the input key, forexample, the soldering time is 1.2 seconds, first press 1 → press 2 →press the enter key;

7. Manual debugging method:

(1)First reset → press the manual switch (lights on) → press 1 → press 2 →press 1 → press 3, press ← up, → down to debug the solder depth angle. (Applicable to WD-6202, WD-6203A, YCH-2A, YCH-2R, QF-360A);

(2) First reset → press the manual switch (lights up) → press 2 →press 3 → press 1, press ← up key, → down key to debug the solder depth;(for ETS-2E, QF-360B)

8. Program selection: Press [Start] step → enter the number ofstarting segments → press [Enter] →, press [End Step] → enter the numberof ending segments → press [Home];

9. The product should be coated with a proper amount of flux before tin plating. Theproduct pins are immersed in the flux, the immersion depth is 4mm, thelead length is less than 4mm, and the depth is not more than theskeleton support point. The immersion time is not required, and it can be tinned normally;

10. In the course of use, if there is any abnormal situation, stop theoperation immediately, turn off the power of the equipment, and notifythe professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance;

11. It is necessary to concentrate on the work, and it is strictly forbidden to do things that are not related to production.

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