Transformer automatic winding machine rubberizing machine specification setting

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Transformer automatic winding machine rubberizing machine specification setting

Transformer automatic winding machine rubberizing machine specification setting

Transformerautomatic winding machine plastic machine teaches interactive touch,human interface, easy to control, Chinese culture program management,easy to learn and understand, five minutes to get started, no keyboardand external power supply, direct input, short tuning time. The method can be applied to the common winding process with skeletoncoil, and mainly explains three important winding parameters of windingposition, enameled wire specification and winding width.

How to set the winding position
What is the Transformer Core Automatic Winding Machine winding position? Simplyspeaking, the starting point of the winding starts on the skeleton.This position is closely related to the coil's head and coil type. Thespecific value of the relevant winding position can usually be measuredby the measuring function of the equipment control system. Personnel can also be measured manually, using the fixed point as areference point to actually measure with the ruler. When setting thispoint, pay attention to the winding direction of the coil.

Second, the enameled wire specification setting
Ourcommon enameled wire has different wire diameters. The correct settingof the enameled wire line will directly affect the effect of the cable.The enameled wire with different materials needs to be added withdifferent wire diameter correction values. The copper wire is not easyto be thinned. The correction value is 0.02. Left and right, the aluminum wire is easily stretched after passingthrough the tension of the winding device and the wire passing device,and the correction value is larger than 0.02-0.2.

Third, the setting of the winding width

Thedefinition of the winding width is the distance from the position wherethe winding starts to the end position of the winding. Usually, thevalue directly reflects the length of the winding that the skeletonneeds to be wound. When setting, it is necessary to consider the smalldeformation amount of the skeleton to be used. For the effect, the method of comprehensive measurement should be used to take the minimum value as the winding width. Withthe rapid development of technology, modern automatic winding machineintegrates many technologies such as electrical control, mechanicaltransmission, photoelectric detection, etc., so the difficulty ofsetting and debugging is greatly increased. Many customers purchase thewinding machine for its Settings are often not available.

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