If the automatic flip soldering machine replaces the manual?

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If the automatic flip soldering machine replaces the manual?


Dongguan HuiyueTechnology automatic flip-type soldering machine three-dimensional spaceall-round adjustment, so that the soldering iron and tin wire do notneed the hands of the fake operator, it completely replaces your hands,the arm can be adjusted to any welding you want Bit.

    Automaticflip soldering machine automatic feeding system: you only need tolightly step on the foot switch, the tin wire will automatically, fixedspeed, quantitatively reach the tip

    Automaticflip-type soldering machine temperature: The manual digital temperaturesetting is Angular Soldering Machine obvious and the automatic constant temperature control modeis adopted. Highly reliable metal anti-static mode design makes soldering sensitive components safer. Lightweight and flexible, no space, temperature, tin delivery speed, adjustable tin point size.

    Automatic flip-type soldering machine control is easy for novices to be skilled for two hours, saving 50% of manpower. For environmental health, please use environmentally friendly lead-free solder wire. Itis especially suitable for welding and docking of various electronicconnectors, LED light strings, video audio cable plugs, headphonecables, computer data cables, small circuit boards and small electroniccomponents.

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HUIYUECNautomation main product series: transformer magnetic core automaticwinding machine, automatic tape machine, automatic vacuum impregnationmachine, automatic flip soldering machine, and so on,Products are widely used in high and low frequency transformers, inductors, ballasts and motor manufacturers.Transformer manufacturers prefer a one-stop solution.

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