How to clean the flux on the flip soldering machine?

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How to clean the flux on the flip soldering machine?

How to clean the flux on the flip soldering machine?

Inthe case of sputum, the immersion tin will have a layer of flux on thesoldering machine for a long time, so the flux does not need to causeconduction. It is itself an insulator, but the content of theauxiliaries of the solder wire contains rosin but there are other Ingredient active substances, excessive metering of some active substances may cause leakage.

Whydo many electronics factories use cleaning agents to clean the surfaceafter soldering? The reason is to remove the solder residue to ensurethe safety of the electronic board. At present, the market is welded by dip soldering. After soldering,there is a white stain on the terminal block, which is difficult toremove. In fact, it is not difficult to understand.

Toget rid of dirt, we must first understand how theAngular Soldering Machine  dirt is produced, sothat we can remove it from the root. From the above problem, we can findthat the dirt is self-service flux. Ithink that the flux of the flux is cleaned with a cleaning agent, butthe terminal cleaning agent for the wiring cannot be completely cleanedand the terminal is harmed. The best way is to wipe it with industrialalcohol.

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