Transformer vacuum impregnation machine manufacturers explain the indicators of insulating paint

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Transformer vacuum impregnation machine manufacturers explain the indicators of insulating paint

Transformer vacuum impregnation machine manufacturers explain the indicators of insulating paint

Insulatingvarnish with high insulation performance and high temperatureinsulation 1800 °C high temperature ceramic insulating varnish is a newtype of waterborne inorganic paint. It is a new type of waterborneinorganic paint with nano inorganic compounds as the main component andwater as the dispersion. Afterpainting, it is usually cured by low-temperature heating to form aninsulating coating film with similar properties and ceramics. Atpresent, the high-temperature ceramic insulating paint researched anddeveloped in China has exceeded the advanced level of internationalinsulating paint. The insulating paint can work at 1800 °C for a longtime. Volumeresistivity is greater than 1016 Ωm, dielectric strength (breakdownstrength), greater than 104KV/m, good chemical stability, agingresistance, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, no flashpoint, ignition point, high hardness, hardness greater than 7H . The high temperature resistant ceramic insulating varnish has amaximum temperature resistance of 1800 ° C, and can form a enamel layeron the surface of the object to be coated, which has a high volumeresistivity and can withstand a strong electric field without beingbroken down.

Our HY-Z03 double-cylinder automatic vacuum impregnation machine iscontrolled by PLC controller, and the impregnation precision can reach±0.01. For more information, please click to view: vacuum impregnationmachine

Double cylinder automatic vacuum impregnation feature:
1. Adopting stepper motor drive precision ball screw with moving slotlifting type impregnation, preset lifting height; preset lifting height(maximum stroke of sub-slot 60mm; displacement accuracy ±0.05mm)
2. The screw jack has high bearing capacity and high controlprecision. The PIN will not stick to the varnish, and there is no needfor secondary tin plating.
3. All Chinese PLC control, intelligent vacuum pumping, to achieve nobubble 凡立水, impregnation effect beautiful. Automatic double cylindervacuum impregnation machine
4. Automatic switch box cover, secondary automatic vacuuming, savingtime and effort, environmental protection, energy saving, single-personmulti-machine operation.
5. The whole groove is made of 10MM steel plate.Transformer automatic through insulation
Double glass observation window for viewing immersion at any time
6. Impregnation time can be set;
7. With timing alarm, motor overload protection and phase loss protection;
8. Exhaust filtration and recycling, with environmental protection and recycling double-effect function;

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