HY-K02 infrared tunnel oven superior configuration performance

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HY-K02 infrared tunnel oven superior configuration performance

HY-K02 infrared tunnel oven superior configuration performance

Our Dongguan HuiyueTechnology Infrared Tunnel Furnace Oven is specially used for bakinghigh frequency, low frequency, transformer and hardware plasticproducts. The configuration of our infrared tunnel oven is beautiful, durable, safe and reliable! The following is a brief introduction by Hui Yue Xiaobian.

1. Unique built-in fan design, safe and reliable, and the furnace cavity is clean and tidy.

2.Transformer Automatic Taping Machine Infrared lamp: vacuum-gold-plated infrared reinforced film on the outersurface, the length can be set according to customer requirements. Continuous working life of more than 6000 hours.

3,automatic temperature control, 2-5 times less than traditional verticaloven, more than 30% power saving, high work efficiency.

4, high temperature line: 62, 42 national standard high temperature line.

5. The furnace body is 1.5MM/1.2MM galvanized sheet bent and welded to the outer upper chamfer.

6, the fuselage is made by Fangtong, segmented design structure, easy to disassemble and install.

7. Install the adjustment caster foot cup at the bottom to facilitate moving and positioning, and adjust the height and level.

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