How to vacuum varnish the surface of metal sheet steel?

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How to vacuum varnish the surface of metal sheet steel?

How to vacuum varnish the surface of metal sheet steel?

HY-Z03double-cylinder automatic vacuum immersion paint machine adopts: PLCcontroller control, vacuum impregnation machine the precision can reach 99.99%. The actualimpregnation of the cylinder can reach 80mm, the cylinder size can becustomized according to the actual requirements of customers.
1.The zinc phosphate coating of the thin steel plate is only used as thecarrier of the paint, and has no value in corrosion resistance, and isnot comparable to the galvanized layer usually used by MACO.

2.For steel products (white and black) that need to be painted, MACO isalso coated with bismuth zinc before painting, and the surface of theflat tilting hardware is galvanized and then coated with acrylic resin.

3, the advantage of the painted surface is more durable, but its shortcoming is that it is easy to rust after scratching. However,due to the presence of the galvanized layer, rust is prevented, becausethe galvanized layer can self-heal the fine scratches, and even if thescratches damage the base material and expose the steel, it will notcause the surface of the hardware to rust immediately.

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