How to install a fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine?

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How to install a fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine?

How to install a fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine?

In order to start thevacuum pump safely, the following steps must be observed and the vacuumpump must be started by trained personnel. Today, there is Huiyue Li S, a bigger home, how to install a fully automatic vacuum impregnation machine.

1. Vacuum impregnation machine installation
(1) Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine The pump must be placed horizontally or fixed on a flat surface. Other installation methods are that the pump is not allowed to run continuously in the following working environment:
(2) Environmental stability: 12 ° C ~ 30 ° C
(3) Environmental pressure: atmospheric pressure
(4) In order not to overheat the pump, the pump must be well ventilated.

2. Vacuum impregnation machine exhaust pipe connection
The exhaust pipe is not allowed to be equipped with a throttling device. The exhaust pipe should be installed in such a way that condensate does not return to the pump (eg tilt, siphon)

3, vacuum impregnation machine refueling

Oil-free operation will damage the vacuum pump! The vacuum pump oil level must be checked before all pumps are started. Injectthe oil into the pump through the filler plug until the oil level linereaches 2/3 of the oil mirror (note: observe about 1 minute afterrefueling). See “Maintenance” for the type and quantity of vacuum pump oil.

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