Automatic soldering machine solder definition

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Automatic soldering machine solder definition

Automatic soldering machine solder definition

Automatic soldering machine solder definition
The definition of automatic soldering machine solder can be found that "wet" is the protagonist in the welding process. The so-called welding is the use of liquid "solder" to wet the substrate to achieve the joint effect. Thisphenomenon is like water falling on the solid surface of the ocean, thedifference is that the weld will solidify into a joint as thetemperature decreases. Whenthe solder is wet on the substrate, in theory, the metal will bechemically bonded to each other to form a continuous bond. However,under actual conditions, the substrate will be corroded by the air andthe surrounding environment to form a crucible. Layer oxide film to block the "solder", so that it can not achieve a better dampness effect. Thephenomenon is that water is poured on a plate filled with grease, watercan only be concentrated in some places, and cannot be uniformly andevenly distributed on the plate. If the oxide film on the surface of the substrate is not removed, evenif it is barely coated with "solder", the bonding strength is veryweak.

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