Filter uses automatic soldering machine soldering requirements

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Filter uses automatic soldering machine soldering requirements

Filter uses automatic soldering machine soldering requirements

HY-H02 automaticsoldering machine temperature setting range of 500 ° C, double heatingtube, short tin melting time, temperature stability. Usinga lead-free titanium tin furnace,Automatic Vacuum Impregnation Machine the soldering time ranges from 0.1second to 9.9 seconds, and the height of the solder can be set from 0 to76 mm. Full-featured solder action. The functions of the sub-cup, corner, translation and flux mechanism can be selected at will.
1. The temperature of the tin furnace is between 400 ° C and 450 ° C.

2. Flux concentration is 1:1 (adjusted according to customer requirements).


3, Pin needle with flux (small amount).

4.Insert the foot into the tin furnace obliquely. The tin plating depthis until the bottom of the pin is pinned to the bottom of the pin. Leaveit for 1~2s.

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