Advantages of Huiyue Technology Electronic Transformer Tunnel Oven

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Advantages of Huiyue Technology Electronic Transformer Tunnel Oven

Advantages of Huiyue Technology Electronic Transformer Tunnel Oven

HY-K02electronic transformer tunnel furnace oven has a fast baking speed andhigh efficiency, which can save about 2-6 times of time and greatlyshorten the production and shipping cycle. Below, Ms. Huiyue Li will introduce the advantages of His Majesty Huiyue Technology Electronic Transformer Tunnel Oven.
1,RKC temperature controller, SSR output temperature control, wind motor370W, 9 inch thousand page wind wheel, 50A ammeter, 500V voltmeter,insurance, heating section protection, power switch; a total of 5 setsof temperature control.

2,Transformer Automatic Taping Machine usingintelligent temperature controller, PID automatic calculation, LEDdisplay, with SSR solid state relay output, can accurately control theaccuracy of temperature, can adjust the wind speed.

3, inside and outside material SUS304 # stainless steel, good cleanliness.

4, open design, light and easy.

5.The inner box is made of 1.5mm thick SUS304# stainless steel, and theouter box is sprayed with 2.0mm cold-rolled sheet at high temperature.

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