Basic knowledge of tunnel furnace use

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Basic knowledge of tunnel furnace use

Basic knowledge of tunnel furnace use

Our Dongguan Huiyue Technology Tunnel Furnace can be customizedaccording to the requirements of customers. The scope of baking is verywide. In the process of using, we must understand the cutting. Thefollowing is a detailed discussion by Li S.
1. Please read the instructions of Huiyue Technology Tunnel Furnace before using the infrared drying oven.
2. It is strictly forbidden to immerse the power cord, plug andelectric tunnel furnace in water or other liquid to prevent electricshock.
3. When the tunnel furnace is working, the surface temperature may be very high. Please do not touch it.
4. Place the tunnel furnace on a dry, flat place and leave enoughspace around it to maintain a distance of at least 10-15 cm from thesurrounding objects.
5. Please do not use accessories that are not provided by the manufacturer.
6. Do not pull the power cord. Pull out the power before moving the electric tunnel.
7. It is strictly forbidden to place the tunnel furnace in the vicinity of flammable materials or heat sources.
8. If the power cord Transformer automatic through insulation or plug is damaged, stop using it and repair it in time.
9. When using this product, if the circuit is overloaded, the tunnel furnace may not work properly. The tunnel furnace should be used separately.
10. Do not place the closed container in the furnace for heating, otherwise there is a danger of explosion.
11. To avoid burns when the tunnel furnace is in operation, use only knobs or handles.
12. Differenttypes of products, the heat absorbed and the heating rate aredifferent. It is most important to master the temperature and time ofthe baked products when using them. There is heat dissipation near thefurnace door, be careful of burns, and wear high-temperature gloves toprevent burns on hot components. finger.
13. Whennot in use, turn the three switches of the heating switch, the airswitch, and the power switch to the shutdown position, keep the innercavity wall clean, and bake the product. If the furnace cavity has oilstains and other dirt, use industrial alcohol to lightly wipe the tunnelfurnace. The inner cavity wall is cleaned, and the moisture is discharged fromthe furnace door. The surface of the tunnel furnace is cleaned with asoft cloth. The inner cavity cannot be rinsed with clean water toprevent electricity from being connected, and it cannot be wiped withwater.
14. Thetunnel furnace is equipped with a three-phase five-wire power line,using AC power, voltage and frequency marked on the equipment nameplate.The ground wire is a yellow/green two-color line.
15. Wire and power connection: Install one standard switch according to the load indicated on the nameplate. When connecting the wires to the power supply, a multi-pole circuitbreaker with a minimum contact clearance of 3 mm must be installed nearthe equipment and meet current regulations.
16. Theelectrical safety of the equipment can only be guaranteed if the tunnelfurnace is used properly, effectively grounded and complies with thesafe electricity regulations. Be sure to ensure effective grounding, and if you have any concerns, you can notify a qualified technician to check. The manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences of damage caused by the equipment not being grounded.
17. Beforethe equipment is connected to the power supply, check whether the powersupply system in the power distribution cabinet meets thespecifications on the equipment nameplate. Check whether the electricalload of the power supply system and the outlet of the electrical cabinetsupports the maximum power indicated on the equipment nameplate. If in doubt, notify a qualified technician to inspect.

18. If the plug and socket do not match, have a qualified technician replace the appropriate outlet. Inparticular, the latter must ensure that the socket line fits the powerof the device, the multi-purpose socket and the extension wire.

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