Dongguan Huiyue IR Tunnel Furnace Operation Panel Introduction

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Dongguan Huiyue IR Tunnel Furnace Operation Panel Introduction

Dongguan Huiyue IR Tunnel Furnace Operation Panel Introduction

OurDongguan Huiyue Technology IR Tunnel Furnace is specialized in bakinghigh frequency, low frequency, transformer and hardware plasticproducts. TheIR tunnel adopts domestic new thermal insulation material, strongthermal insulation, vacuum-gold-plated infrared reinforced membrane onthe outer surface, good temperature resistance, and can workcontinuously for more than 6000 hours; reducer: 1200:1 reducer 壹 sleeve,speed control mode: Frequency control, precise speed regulation. Today, Huiyue Technology Li S introduces you to the structure of the operating panel of the IR tunnel furnace.
1. Current Meter: Shows the current of the 壹 phase.

2. Power indicator: Shows the power-on status of the device. When the air switch is turned on, it will light up.

3. Emergency stop: Press the quick cut control power supply in anemergency, and rotate the rebound to release the emergency stop.

4. Temperature control: control and display the temperature and control in the tunnel furnace.

5. Digital display control panel: adjust the speed of the conveyor belt. Transformer Core Automatic Winding Machine Conveyor Switch: Select if you need to turn on the conveyor.

6. Heating start: After pressing, the indicator light is on, theinfrared light tube is on, and the light control fan can be startedwhile the light control switch is working, and the temperaturecontroller is lit.

7. Heating stop: The wind motor stops working, the infrared lamp is extinguished, and the thermostat is extinguished.

8. Power switch: When pressed, the machine is powered.

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