HY-R20 transformer automatic wearing insulation casing machine manual

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HY-R20 transformer automatic wearing insulation casing machine manual

HY-R20 transformer automatic wearing insulation casing machine manual

    Faced with changes in the domestic and international economic environment and the adjustment of industrial structure, the labor costs of labor-intensive enterprises continue to rise. Many enterprises have adopted improved production processes, optimized production processes, and invested in automation equipment in order to improve their competitiveness. And other measures to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

At present, in the high-frequency transformer manufacturing enterprises in mainland China, the winding part of the high-frequency transformer is generally used by workers. The method of using the CNC winding machine is: the winding worker pre-cuts the insulating sleeve into a specified length and manually removes it from the container. Align the center of the copper wire with the insulating sleeve, then pass the copper wire through the insulating sleeve, then wrap the copper wire end around the PIN pin, and then use the CNC winding machine to wind the wire; when the specified number of turns is completed, Cut the copper wire by hand. In this way, the above method of manually wearing the insulating sleeve is repeated every day.

In the above processing method, the production efficiency is greatly reduced due to the cumbersome processing steps of the employees. Moreover, the copper wire is manually cut, the fatigue strength of the staff is increased, and the insulating sleeve is affected by the vision and experience of the employee. Therefore, the working time is long, and the time required to wear an insulating sleeve is 3S-4S. It takes at least 6 seconds to complete the winding of the winding through the insulating sleeve, which seriously affects the production efficiency.

    According to the above situation, Dongguan HUIYUECN Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and designed the HY-R20 automatic wear-insulating bushing machine. This machine can be compatible with single-section, multi-section and two-color automatic wear-insulating bushings. The invention solves the problem that the efficiency of wearing the insulating sleeve is low, and has been recognized and praised by the customers.

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