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      Founded in 1989, Shenzhen Derun Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in home appliances and consumer electronics, automotive related electronic connectors and precision components and vehicle networking related technologies. Derun Electronics was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2006 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It has a number of group holding companies, Sino-foreign joint ventures, overseas joint ventures, overseas trading companies, overseas sales and service branches. Its R&D, manufacturing and sales bases are located in 26 locations in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei; it is distributed in 7 locations in the United States, Italy and Luxembourg.

       At present, Derun Electronics is divided into three business divisions, namely, Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Division, Automotive Electrical Systems Division and New Energy Automotive Electronics and Vehicle Network Division.

       Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Division specializes in home appliances and consumer electronics harnesses, connectors and other products. The products are widely used in household appliances, computers and peripherals, smart phones, wearable devices and LED lighting. The company has a stable strategic partnership with Skyworth, Midea, TCL and other home appliance manufacturers for a long time.

       The automotive electrical system division is mainly engaged in automotive connectors, wiring harnesses and related products. It has entered the supply chain of many domestic and foreign OEMs and auto parts manufacturers, initially forming international brand customers (such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) and Branded customers and equipment customers (ie auto parts customers, including Bosch, China, etc.) include automotive electronics customer platforms.

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